Workspace Reservation System

Space, Desk, and Room Booking System


Workspace Booking

FMS:Engage simplifies the modern workplace with easy desk and room booking. Interactive floor plans and visibility of available resources ensure your employees have access to the tools and space they need to do their best work. From reserving an individual workstation to coordinating important client meetings, or booking a space next to a colleague, FMS:Engage offers an intuitive scheduling experience from the web, Outlook, or your mobile device. 

Employee Workspace and Desk Booking

Employees can easily reserve an office space, desk, meeting room or alternative resource directly on their online Employee Dashboard or their Employee Smartphone App. They can search for and book spaces next to colleagues, and can also book spaces for visitors. 

Interactive Desk-Booking Functionality with Floor Map Option

Employees can select their department / area, select the date that they want to book, and then can select a particular desk or space through a real-time interactive floor map that shows which spaces are available for selection. Don’t have floor maps? No problem. The space can be booked on an area basis with simple area-booking limits. 

Integrates Seamlessly with Outlook

The system integrates bi-directionally with Outlook so you all your systems and calendars are automatically synced. You can book spaces, desks and rooms directly in Outlook and it will automatically sync with FMS:Engage, or you can book the spaces in FMS:Engage and it will automatically sync back to Outlook. 

Administrators have real-time Insights and Controls 

Admins have a visual overview to easily see the current number of booked spaces, total capacity and remaining space availability and can also manage and control bookings directly from their dashboard. 

Workspace Check-In with Auto-Bump Option

If you want employees to check-into a space they can do this through scanning the QR-code that is linked to that space or room. You can also set your own autobump limits that releases a booking after a certain time if the employee has not checked-in. 

Digital Room Display 

The FMS:Engage Room Display Application shows the meeting-room’s schedule on a display panel. This increases productivity and efficient use of space, by easily allowing employees to see available rooms and reserve or release rooms directly from the panel (or from their mobile device by scanning the displayed QR code). The FMS:Engage Room Display App easily integrates with Android Tablets and iPads.

Workspace Analytics

See and compare which locations, areas, desks, and rooms (or other bookable resources) are used more than others. Access visual, actionable insights to understand how your space is actually being utilized in order to make informed, strategic decisions and optimize your space.

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Used by customers all around the globe since 2019, FMS:Engage has processed over
Workplace Interactions
Used by customers all around the globe since 2019, FMS:Engage has processed over
Workplace Interactions